A Better Flight Plan
Better Flight Plan
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Fan Featured Travel Tips

We asked our fellow travel enthusiasts for their best travel tips, and are featuring some of our favorites! Travel like a pro with these great suggestions.

  1. Pack an emergency travel kit with snacks to last about 24 hours and money in the currency of the region you are visiting. – Chris F.
  2. It’s all about the packing! Fill shoes, roll don’t fold. The better you pack the less you’ll have to take. Wear your slip on shoes. – Mary Mahaney G.
  3. Bring a small blanket and food in case you get the munchies and a fully charged phone with headphones. Loose fitting clothes help, too. – Casey H.
  4. Make a full-page copy of your itinerary. Add your cell phone number and maybe the cell phone of a loved one and stick it in every piece of luggage/backpack/purse you take. Put a contact number on your important gadgets, including your phone! – Chrissy G.
  5. Add something on the handle of each piece of luggage purse and carry-on so you can recognize your bags and have identification on each piece. Then take photos of your bags and important items. – Char Webb G.
  6. If you check your bags, pack some essentials in your carry on. Toothbrush, clean underwear, etc., just in case your luggage arrives after you do. I also bring earplugs and an eye mask on every trip. Pack a clothespin to keep the curtains closed in your hotel room. This prevents daylight from peeking thru and disturbing your rest. – Grace J.
  7. Bring an empty water bottle so you can fill it at the water fountains after you clear security. It’s great when kids get thirsty quickly on flights and it’s a while until beverage service. Also lollipops for little ones help keep ears clear. – Susan S.
  8. Try to be patient because there are a lot of moving parts to get you from point to point. Understand that we still cannot fly into thunderstorms and when weather hits we all have to work double time to pick up the pieces. Remember sometimes it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey you took. So be friendly to your neighbor and your flight crew and SMILE! – Rachel M.
  9. Always be willing to meet new people, go different places, try new things and different cultures. – Simone D.
  10. My three rules for travel: As long as you have your passport, your phone and your wallet, everything else is a bonus! – Amanda Z.

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